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Best Valentine’s Day tech gifts

by | Feb 4, 2022


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be hard. You may be searching for the perfect gift that’s unique, but you’re not sure where to start. While traditional Valentine’s Day gifts usually include flowers, chocolates or a romantic, candle-lit dinner, CenturyLink wants to help you take it a step further. This list from CenturyLink offers more tech-centric gift ideas that can wow that special someone.

A guy chats on video chat with his partner on Valentine's Day.

Smart Watch

Smart watches are stunning tech gifts for Valentine’s Day. Their personalized designs, variety of features and comfortable wear can help you win your valentine over. Here are some smart watches you can gift your loved ones.

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is a stylish, convenient way to show your loved one how much you care about their productivity and health. The watch has customizable wallpaper and colorful wrist bands that your loved one can choose. They can use the watch’s activity trackers to monitor how many steps they take and how long they work out. Gift them a way to relax with the watch’s random reminders of breathing exercises throughout the day. The Apple Watch Series 7 also measures the user’s blood oxygen and heart rate. Let your valentine’s heart beat for you with this stylish, innovative gift.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is a glamorous way to make sure your loved one relaxes throughout the day while sleeping well at night. This versatile watch measures your loved one’s blood pressure and body composition. It tracks their workout progress and their stress levels. The watch monitors their heart rate while they’re going through their daily activities and while they’re sleeping at night. It even detects when they’re snoring and how long they snore while they sleep. Help your valentine have a productive day and a good night’s sleep with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

Romantic partners exchange gifts on Valentine's Day.

Connective jewelry

Connective jewelry is a technology trend that combines innovation with fashion. There are eye-catching necklaces, cufflinks, earrings and rings that you can use to flirt with your valentine. These types of connective jewelry incorporate senses for your valentine to see, hear and feel how much you love them. Some connective jewelry you can buy as a tech gift for Valentine’s Day are:

A pair of bracelets by Bond

Bond bracelets are fashionable ways to stay connected to your loved one no matter how far apart you are. This bracelet has a loop that comes in three colors: black, gold and silver. Get one for you and one for your loved one in your favorite colors. When you’re far away from your loved one, touch the top of the bond. The touch will send a vibration to your loved one’s bracelet. The slight vibration will remind your valentine that you’re thinking about them even when you’re not with them.

HB Rings by The Touch

HB Rings by The Touch are simple, unique ways to let your valentine feel your love. This ring measures and records your heartbeat. Pair the rings in the HB mobile app and save your favorite heartbeats. This digital ring can be wirelessly charged in its case. The ring also includes a colored line that blinks along with the timing of your loved one’s heartbeat. Tap your ring once to send your last recorded heartbeat to your loved one. Tap your ring twice to see and feel the last heartbeat received from your loved one. Let your valentine feel your heartbeat whenever you’re thinking of them no matter how far away you are.

A couple exchanges tech gifts for Valentine's Day.

Smart memory storage

Limited storage space on your phone or computer can hinder how many photo and video memories you can store in one place. Buy a smart memory storage device for a tech Valentine’s gift. Store an abundance of memories with one of the following gifts:

Lovebox Messenger by The Loveteam

The Lovebox Messenger by The Loveteam is an alluring way to remind your loved one of the great times you’ve had. Download the Lovebox mobile app to send your favorite photos and videos to your loved one. The Lovebox must be connected to strong internet for your loved one to view the message. Hand draw messages and cute notes in the app that will appear on the Lovebox screen. This cube-shaped device has a 3D heart on the front it, and the heart spins when a new message is received. Surprise your valentine with affectionate messages whenever you’re thinking about them.

Smart Photo Frame by Nixplay

Pack your favorite date memories into a Smart Photo Frame by Nixplay. Upload a wide collection of photos and videos to your preferred online photo storage platform. Give permission to connect the online album with the Nixplay app. Mesmerize your valentine with a trip down memory lane. Showcase the best photos and videos you’ve taken with your loved one on the Smart Photo Frame.

Love what gift you give this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the many holidays CenturyLink can help you celebrate. Explore our ideas for the perfect tech gifts for Father’s Day, gamers or anyone who enjoys smart technology. There are more beneficial ways to use technology. Check out the CenturyLink blog to find inspiring ways you can incorporate technology into your daily life.

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