We’ve all been there. The most important term paper of the year is due, but your internet chews up and spits out your dreams of earning that “A,” leaving you with nothing but a glitched-out load screen. Luckily, it’s not too late to head back to school with a fiber internet provider that will help keep you and your kids from falling behind when it’s crunch time.

Whether you plan on decking out your dorm room with an epic gaming setup this fall or morphing your living room into your child’s own mini-Ivy League prep school, CenturyLink Fiber is the missing piece. From the moment you bask in that lightspeed freedom of up to 940 Mbps per second for the very first time, you’ll never go back. Our internet deals for college students and families alike offer the answers to tech conundrums you never even knew you had.

Are you ready to embrace the future of seamless, worry-free internet? Then read on and learn what CenturyLink Fiber can do for you.

Reliable internet all day, every day

Reliable internet for back to school is a must

Going back to school is stressful enough without worrying your internet will glitch out on you in the middle of a lecture. Digital learning is growing more common by the year. A whopping 73% of college students surveyed by Cengage said they’d prefer to take at least some of their courses fully online even after COVID is over. And the trend goes all the way down the ladder, with roughly 4.5 million K to 12 students enrolled in online classes as well. So whether you’re in 7th grade or the final year of your PhD, your grades (and future) are more dependent on your internet provider than ever before.

The world of education is changing fast, but CenturyLink Fiber is faster. Here are just a few of the ways our affordable fiber internet can make your life easier when you or your kids head back to school this fall.

  • Imagine a seamless internet experience where you never miss a deadline from a poor connection again. A world where your homework uploads on the first attempt and your internet crashing in the middle of a test is just a forgotten nightmare from the dark ages.
  • Picture the smile on your kid’s face when they meet their new teacher for the first time without even leaving the living room. Up to 940 Mbps means crystal clear perception. So even if your kid never sets foot in a classroom, they’ll hear every word as if they’re in the front row.
  • Lose yourself in an unlimited library of cutting-edge research unfolding at your command. Your next term paper could be so witty and sharp your professors will wonder if you cheated. But your next video call could be so clear they’ll see the spark of honesty in your eyes and give you the “A” you deserve!
  • Our high-speed fiber internet can chase off fears about online classes “not being good enough.” With upload speeds like ours, you’ll wonder why we still have physical classrooms to begin with.

With CenturyLink’s space-age speed and 99.9% reliability (based on network uptime or availability), every school year that came before will feel bland in comparison. Suddenly, calls home from your dorm to mom and dad will be a whole new experience. Your kid’s teacher will never send another concerned email about them being late for class. And when it’s time to beat the rush and register for classes, you won’t have to worry about speed with up to 940 Mbps backing you all the way.

Take the “boring” out of “back to school” with CenturyLink fiber internet

Child in online school with reliable internet

Now you’ve learned the easy way to stop worrying about dropped calls and glitched-out homework submissions this fall, let’s unwind a bit. After all, at the end of the day, everyone needs a break. And we’ve got something for social media buffs, hardcore gamers, sports fanatics, and everyone in between.

Here are some of the ways CenturyLink’s secure, reliable internet can cure the back-to-school blues:

  • Stay in touch with friends and family around the globe with a social media experience like no other. With CenturyLink Fiber, you won’t miss pics of your pals back home when you go off to school, whether you’re 2,000 miles away or 20.
  • Hit the top of the scoreboard with our lightning-fast internet for gaming. Every hardcore gamer knows reliable internet is a must if you want to leave your enemies in the dust. And the most frustrating thing in the all the world is your connection dropping in the middle of a match. With our 99.9% reliability (based on network uptime or availability), the only thing keeping you from coming in first place is that homework you’ve been putting off!
  • Don’t miss a play with ultrafast sports streaming. With our up to 940 Mbps fiber internet, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the stadium rather than relaxing at home on your couch.
  • Keep the kids—and yourself—entertained once school is out for the day. Your little ones will be itching to watch their favorite shows after a long day at school. And with our super-reliable fiber services, you won’t have to worry about any interruptions while you catch some R&R. With so much bandwidth to go around, you can even stay on top of the news at the same time without having a streaming war.

But remember, no matter how much fun you’re having, it’s important to always follow our back-to-school cybersecurity tips.

The future of education is digital, and reliable internet is a must

The future of digital education is important

These are just a few of the ways fiber internet will set your entire family up for success this back-to-school season. CenturyLink offers a bright future of hyper-fast streaming, awesome internet deals for college students, and reliable internet that won’t leave you hanging when you’re stressed over a last-minute deadline.

Every hour of the day, whether it’s time to work or time to play, CenturyLink’s 99.9% reliability (based on network uptime or availability) can make the entire school year a breeze. If you’re ready to enter a world of freedom and flexibility with fast internet for gaming, video calls, online classes, and more, take the plunge and contact us today. It’s time to say goodbye to slow upload speeds and patchy connections and earn your place at the top of the class!

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