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Gaming 2022: gaming trends to watch this year

by | Mar 7, 2022


Video games have come a long way since the Magnavox Odyssey console was released in 1972. From different at-home consoles to various video games, gaming trends have given people more ways to play than ever before. Social media games and eSports were some of the top-trending gaming topics in 2021. To help you stay on top of your game (pardon the pun), let’s look at what gamers should look out for in 2022 gaming trends.

Aman and a woman playing a virtual reality video game

1. Virtual reality

While VR games initially got off to a slow but steady start, more than 600 titles are available now. And that’s just on the PlayStation Network. Virtual reality games and goggles are definitely 2022 gaming trends to watch. These games immerse you in a full 360-degree virtual world where you can interact with other players as if you’re standing next to them. Video game manufacturers have clearly realized the value of this gaming trend. Sony is releasing a new VR headset this year to help PlayStation gamers get the entire gaming experience.

2. Cloud gaming

Never wait in long lines again for your favorite game, thanks to cloud gaming—another new 2022 gaming trend. Cloud gaming libraries are constantly expanding to create an internet gaming world as diverse as the console one. Xbox Cloud Gaming and the PlayStation Network allow gamers to play new games and their favorite classic games online. Like regular gaming, cloud gaming requires a strong, fast internet connection to minimize lag while you play. And, since these games are cloud-based, you’re able to easily play with your friends and ensure that you’re always playing the most up-to-date version.

A young male gamers plays a game on his PC.

3. Crypto gaming with NFTs and blockchains

In the past, gamers have used streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube to capitalize on doing what they love. Manufacturers are taking note and following suit by incorporating play-to-earn methods in newly released games. This 2022 gaming trend can help you earn more money and assets while playing your favorite types of video games. Some manufacturers even use NFTs and other blockchains instead of typical financial transactions since these digital tokens have better security than regular bank transfers.

4. Gaming on streaming services

In 2022, you’ll see commonly used streaming services, such as Netflix, incorporate more family-friendly video games in their subscription plans. Netflix has created games related to the shows they offer on the platform. For example, you can watch a show like Stranger Things with your family, and then play a Stranger Things video game afterward. These games are convenient because you can play them on any device that has the Netflix app, such as your smart TV, smartphone, or tablet. Some of these streaming video games can be played offline too, but you should still secure an internet connection that supports all the streaming service video games.

A man watches sports on a live stream.

Other trends to watch out for in 2022

Playing your favorite video games while immersing yourself in the virtual world (and earning assets for your fun hobby) are just the tip of the gaming trend iceberg for 2022. Explore these different gaming trends and get the most out of your video game experiences. Find more ways to rock your video game world and learn about other technology trends you should follow in 2022 in the CenturyLink Gaming Hub.

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