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7 glamping accessories for luxury camping

by | Jul 3, 2023


Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of the outdoors with a modern twist? Glamping might be perfect for you! Glamping just means that you’ll be camping outside with glamorous, elevated accessories. In fact, seven out of ten households identified as occasional campers or glampers, according to the 2022 North American Camping Report conducted by Kampgrounds of America.

In order to level up your camping experience, you’ll need to invest in a few key glamping accessories. You can even download a travel app to help you stay organized. By packing just a few of these luxury items, you can turn a hot weekend in nature into a more luxurious experience.

Woman's legs sitting in glamping tent

Portable sleeping cot

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be tossing and turning in a thin sleeping bag all night. With a portable sleeping cot or inflatable mattress, you can still get a good night’s sleep. Portable sleeping cots are collapsible camping beds that fold up, meaning you can easily transport them in the trunk of your car.

Luxury kitchenware with portable stove

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you’re limited to just beef jerky and granola bars. A luxury kitchen set can be a game-changer for summer glamping. You can buy a starter set or start collecting one of your own with personalized items. You will probably want a prep surface, a portable stove, and cooking utensils and supplies. For added luxury, you can also bring a French press and brew your own coffee on the go! The most important part to remember is that your kitchenware needs to fold down into an easy-to-carry container that you can easily transport.

Portable shower

One of the most uncomfortable parts of camping is being stuck in sweaty, dirty clothes for potentially days. But with a portable shower, you can experience the luxury of bathing, even in the wilderness. You can usually store a few gallons of water to rinse off from the day. Battery-powered portable showers can be especially glamorous, especially with the sun to warm up the water for you.

Movie projector and screen

Enhancing your glamping experience with an outdoor movie night can give you those homey vibes from beneath beautiful moonlit skies. Portable movie projectors make it easy to indulge in your favorite films while roasting smores over an open campfire. Pair your projector with a portable movie screen for the full effect. A foldable screen takes only minutes to set up and is easy to transport to your camping site.

Couple glamping in the wild

Tent fan

When the weather in the woods gets unpredictable, you can take matters into your own hands. A handheld fan will help you cool during the day, and a tent fan will keep you comfortable during the night. Trying to fall asleep in your tent can be nearly impossible when you’re constantly sweating, but a tent fan can help cool things down. You can even choose a fan that clips to the side of your sleeping cot.

Electric camping heater

On the other hand, you might be glamping in the fall or winter when the weather is on the cooler side. In this case, you can invest in an electric heater to keep you nice and toasty. You may need a portable generator to get your heater up and running, but at least you won’t have to worry about shivering throughout the night.

Folding wooden picnic table

While you can always sit in your tent or in a camping chair to enjoy meals, you can take it a step further with a folding wooden picnic table. With a popup table, you can dine in style. This way, the entire family is still seated around one common surface together. No matter what kind of table you bring, make sure it’s lightweight and sturdy enough to hold all your plates and goodies.

Woman glamping in a hammock

Full-body sleeping suit

Any avid camper knows how difficult it can be to leave a warm sleeping bag or blanket on a cold morning. That’s where the Selk’bag comes into play. A wearable sleeping bag, the Selk’bag is one of the best glamping accessories for those who feel the cold. With reinforced nylon soles, this full-body sleeping suit will keep you warm and mobile in temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is that you can wear it once you’re back home! Simply toss it into your washing machine like any other item of clothing and you’re good to go.

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Parting thoughts

When planning your extended glamping trip, you may want to consider placing your internet service on hold. Internet service providers often provide options for temporary service suspension, allowing you to pause your service without termination. This way, you can enjoy your glamping vacation without the worry of an unnecessary expenditure.

For more on accessories and tech gadgets that can elevate your everyday life, check out other related topics on the CenturyLink blog.

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