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Where and how to grocery shop online

by | Feb 12, 2021


The busier life gets, the harder it may be to put a freshly cooked meal on the table for yourself or your family. With more virtual learning and work from home responsibilities, you might find it challenging to make it to the grocery store these days. Fortunately, grocery stores and suppliers are meeting consumers halfway and bringing quality produce and popular grocery items right to the front door, thanks to the internet.

You can use your tablet to grocery shop online

Online grocery options

Looking online to see which grocers in your area offer delivery services is a great place to start. If you already have a favorite grocery store such as a Meijer, Costco, Publix, or Wegmans, search to see if they have any offers for local customers. You can try searching something like: “does Wegmans offer grocery delivery?” Depending on how far you live from the store, you may even find that local delivery for groceries is free. Most national retailers such as Kroger stores, Safeway, Albertsons, Target, and Walmart offer delivery options. If shopping local is important to you and you’d like to stick to what you know, start with a simple search. Find out whether your grocer has an app, or call and ask to speak to a store representative to help you get started on your online order.

If you’re not tethered to any one particular place, there are now a wide variety of grocery delivery services available throughout the entire country. We’ll touch on some of the most popular ones below.


This grocery delivery system, powered through Amazon, is available in almost every major city in the country and is free for all Prime members. Shop organic from Whole Foods Market and find local goods specific to your region. AmazonFresh offers classic pantry items, as well as items like fresh meat and seafood. Simply pick a delivery time and day and keep an eye out for your order during that particular time range. It’s simple and efficient if you’re already an Amazon user.


Shipt allows customers to receive deliveries from local and national retailers. From Target, to Office Depot, and Petco, this is a wonderful option for getting more than just groceries. Simply visit the site, type in your zip code to see what local stores they partner with, and follow the instructions.


Instacart is an app, much like UberEats, that allows users to order groceries from a variety of different stores all at once. What is available to you depends on where you’re located. Simply download the app for free, search for the items you need, and someone will deliver them to you within a couple of hours, depending on the demand in your area. The app is easy and convenient to use, but be aware that whenever you pay for convenience, you may also be paying inflated prices.

Thrive Market

If organic, zero-waste, ethical, and sustainable sourcing are important factors for you, Thrive Market is a great option. Thrive Market allows users to shop based on their weekly shopping patterns and any dietary needs. The site also generates food item recommendations based on your favorite brands, dietary preferences, or causes you are passionate about. As a bonus, every annual membership sponsors a free one for a family in need.

Ordering groceries online from the comfort of your home can help you get the ingredients you need without ever having to take the time to go to the store. These services can be especially useful or an elderly family member or sick friend who can’t make it to the grocery store themselves. We hope these recommendations on how to grocery shop online and where to go prove fruitful for your future food needs. For more articles like this and other tech topics, be sure to visit the CenturyLink Discover blog.

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