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Improve your gaming performance


Get the internet speed you need to game the night away. If lags and latency are causing problems for your gaming experience, then explore the CenturyLink Gaming Hub. Here you will discover guides, how-to’s and other helpful resources that can help improve your gaming performance.

#winning… with a good internet connection

Don’t let lag times keep you from crushing it. Check out these tips and resources for optimizing your home network for gaming.

What’s the best internet speed for gaming?

From first-person shooters to sports games, learn what internet speeds you need to level up your game play.


How to improve your gaming latency

Learn the difference between low and high latency. See how this can influence your overall gaming experience.

Beginner’s guide to multiplayer games

Looking for where to begin? Get started gaming with this introductory guide to multiplayer video games.

Exercise video games

If you think video games are best played on the couch, think again. Learn about some of the exercise video games that make working out more fun.

Make the most of your home internet

Find the internet plan that helps you stream, game and upload with ease.


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