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Landlines for seniors: How home phone service offers reliability, safety and ease of use

by | Mar 23, 2021


Though the use of landlines has dropped significantly, home phone service is still useful for many people, including senior citizens. While more seniors are using smartphones, and many have used cellphones, landlines offer unique reliability, safety features, and ease of use.

Staying connected is important for senior health. Loneliness and a lack of connection can be harmful to seniors and is linked to serious health conditions, like dementia, heart disease, and stroke. And technology doesn’t always make it easy for seniors to stay connected;  most of it isn’t designed with seniors in mind.

While learning to be more tech-savvy and using online and digital tools to find new friends, explore interests, and even play games is a valuable pursuit, sometimes seniors just need a reliable and simple way to get in touch or to get help. In this case, a landline can be invaluable, benefiting both seniors and their families.

Elderly man uses a landline phone


When it comes to staying connected, seniors need a phone line they can count on. Landlines get excellent coverage because they don’t rely on cellular towers (that may have spotty coverage), and instead use established phone networks. Compared to some cellphones and smartphones, the reception may be better on a landline too as the connection has virtually no delays or lag time. For senior citizens, a reliable connection can help them stay independent longer and avoid the dangers of loneliness by helping them reach out to friends and family.


For seniors that have concerns about safety, a landline is a great option. Calls placed on landlines can pinpoint their exact location, which can help emergency services find their home during an emergency. If safety is a major concern, seniors should also plan on getting a corded telephone. If the power goes out, a corded phone will still work while a wireless phone will not. Plus, a corded phone won’t get set down somewhere and forgotten, so it’s easier to find in a snap. In remote areas with weak cellphone coverage, a landline can provide clear reception. A reliable landline can also help friends and family check in on seniors when they need to.

Ease of use

Technology these days is often designed for younger generations, by younger generations, and relies on prior knowledge and experience to understand how to use it. This can leave seniors that aren’t technologically literate behind. Screens and buttons are tiny, which can make them difficult to use for older adults. There may also be a learning curve on some smartphones, apps, and interfaces used. When seniors need to communicate, they need a simple and easy way to do it. A landline can be an important piece of technology for seniors, as they are simple to use and a familiar technology. Plus, landlines are often designed with large buttons, bigger text, and an ergonomic receiver, which can be far easier for people over the age of 65 to use.

Senior woman chats on landline phone, landlines for seniors

Landline phone service for seniors

When it comes to reliability, safety, and ease of use, landlines are a wonderful option for seniors who want to stay connected. Landlines offer a stable connection, can help seniors in case of emergency, and are simple to use, allowing them to stay connected with the ones they love.

At CenturyLink, we’re proud to offer landline phone service for seniors. Our home phone plans provide a crystal-clear connection, local, and long-distance calling, and the Unlimited Home Phone service comes with features like call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, and many other features. Learn about CenturyLink Home Phone plans today.

We believe it’s important to connect seniors to technology, and that’s why we offer Lifeline to help make communications services more affordable for lower-income or fixed-income consumers, including retirees.

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