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Livestreams and virtual concerts

by | Mar 1, 2021


If you love live music, the best way to see a show these days is to livestream it. In 2020, we saw a rise in artists live streaming concerts, including Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK, BTS, and many other artists. With many people choosing to shelter at home, virtual concerts allows fans to connect with their favorite artists again. All you need is a good internet connection to get started.

While in-person concerts are once again being scheduled, virtual concerts have already changed the game. Travis Scott’s Fortnite immersive concert was attended by 27.7 million unique players in the game. Musicians are inviting their fans into their homes, streaming live from Twitch, YouTube and Instagram, or hosting virtual concerts to enjoy from the couch. Virtual concerts allow you to experience music performances in fresh and fun ways.

From intimate concerts streamed live from the home to livestreamed music festivals, virtual concerts are a great way to enjoy and experience music like never before.

See your favorite band live in a virtual concert

Finding current livestreams and virtual concerts

New livestream and virtual concerts are being scheduled every day. The best way to find upcoming events is to visit JamBase, LiveNation, or Songkick to check for upcoming virtual concerts. Each of these platforms lists a variety of upcoming virtual concerts to check out, including ticket info and other details to be aware of. Also keep an eye out for Billboard’s weekly update [UPDATE WITH LINK IN MARCH] on upcoming livestreams and virtual concerts.

  • Spotify can help you locate virtual concerts from the artists you like best. The platform also includes a list of virtual events to check out right at the top of the page.
  • Amazon Music has a Twitch account where artists can livestream performances for their fans. Be sure to check their schedule to see who is on deck.
  • Check out StageIt to see indie artists perform over livestream, representing a variety of genres from classical to comedy shows. You might even see some big names performing, like Jake Owen, Jon Bon Jovi, or Sara Bareilles.
  • Platforms like Sessions Live, Yoop and ColorTV also offer virtual performances that you can stream live with a ticket purchase.
  • Want exclusive content? Bandsintown now offers a subscription service that allows you to stream weekly shows, up to about 25 per month. In addition to the concerts, you can also chat with musicians, attend Q&A sessions, and access other exclusive content.
  • For smaller events and festivals, check out the online events listed on Eventbrite. Their online calendar includes live virtual concerts for jazz, choir, open mic nights, and other live performances.
  • Finally, check out Facebook events and select “Online” to see virtual concerts happening within the next month, either in your local area or beyond.

Check out social media

You may already follow your favorite musicians on social media, but if not, now is a good time to start. Musical artists are increasingly using platforms like Twitch and Instagram Live to stream their performances. While Twitch has a calendar that lists when artists will be streaming, you may need to check Instagram posts to see when musicians will be online.

  • DJ D-Nice has been hosting regular Instagram DJ sets since March of 2020. Get your dance on at Club Quarantine by watching his live sets.
  • The Tonight Show’s in-house band, The Roots, regularly performs via livestream on YouTube, and hosts DJ sets that you can groove to.
  • Don’t just follow your favorite artists. Music magazines like Pitchfork, also produce live Instagram concerts.
  • Many other artists have gone live on their personal social media channels to play music or interview other artists. Check out a full list here. Be sure to check out the Story Highlights section or the IGTV on your favorite musician’s Instagram page to see their live sessions.


Virtual orchestra and classical music concerts can be live streamed from your device

Genre-specific virtual concerts

  • Classical music and orchestra concerts are streaming live on a regular basis. Check out Classic FM’s round up of the best virtual concerts to attend in 2021.
  • K-Pop artists are pioneers in virtual concerts and livestreaming. Check out a list of upcoming concerts here.
  • Live stream jazz concerts directly from New Orleans from a number of music venues and locations.

Past live streams and concerts

After March of last year, when many of us were sheltering at home, musical artists turned out to produce livestreamed concerts. If your favorite artists aren’t streaming or touring any time soon, you can always watch their past livestreams to see some amazing live music.

  • Wave XR produces cool virtual reality concerts, and you can stream past events, like concerts with John Legend and The Weekend.
  • The NPR Tiny Desk Concerts have been happening “at home” for months now. Check out the high-quality videos and performances from a variety of musicians.
  • Radiohead posted old concert videos to their YouTube channel, so you can experience one of their events back in the 90s.
  • Increasingly, you can also get a behind-the-scenes look of concerts on streaming platforms like Netflix, which recently released documentaries on Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande that include concert footage.

While going to concerts may look a little different these days, virtual concerts and livestreams are a great way to experience your favorite musicians when you can’t see them in person.

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