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Smart pet technology: gadgets for dogs and cats

by | Apr 19, 2021


From automating lawn sprinklers to customizing lighting, smart technology can improve our lives. You may already have a smart assistant or use smart speakers, but smart technology isn’t just for humans. Smart pet technology can help our furry friends too—and help us take care of them better. Learn about some of the top smart pet technology including gadgets for cats and dogs with our guide.

Tabby cat uses a smart pet door to come into a house

Smart pet doors

You no longer have to get up to let your dog or cat out—a smart door can help. Smart pet doors can allow your pet to go in or out, according to your schedule. They also keep other unwanted animals, like raccoons, out. Smart pet doors are usually triggered by a microchip or an RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag that broadcasts a signal from your pet’s collar. Without the activation of the microchip or RFID tag, no other animals can get in your smart pet door. Smart pet doors are usually powered by batteries, have weatherproofed features, and allow you to create rules around selective entry or exit and scheduling.

Fortunately, smart pet doors come in various sizes and types, so you can find a door that fits both the size of your pet and the area where you plan to install it. Some smart pet doors, like SureFlap, connect to WiFi and have an app you can control on your smartphone so you can remotely open or close the pet door.

Smart pet technology: Smart trackers & monitors

Did your pet get out of the backyard? A smart tracker can help you find them again. Pet trackers come at a variety of price points and offer unique features in addition to monitoring your pet’s location via GPS. For example, smart pet trackers, like Whistle, monitor your pet’s health by tracking and analyzing behaviors like excessive licking or scratching. The FitBark even connects to your own smart tracker, like a FitBit or Apple Watch, so you can view the activity from your daily walks for both of you.

If you need to watch your pet while you’re away from home, a pet camera like the Furbo Dog Camera allows you to check in on your pet. Think of it as a nanny cam for your dog. This smart pet technology  allows you to check in on Fido remotely, even allowing you to give them a treat. The device also monitors and detects potentially dangerous situations, sending you alerts in real-time. For anxious dogs, the ZenCrate is a good option. This gadget for dogs works to create a comforting and safe space for your pup by turning on calming music when they enter the crate. The space is designed to dampen the sounds of fireworks or thunder and has a mobile app that connects to a camera so you can monitor your dog.

Finally, a smart litterbox, like the Litter-Robot 3 Connect, can help you monitor your cat’s health, while automatically cleaning up after them. With app-connectivity, you can monitor the litter box and your cat’s usage history for important health insights with this gadget for cats.

Owner uses a smart pet camera to check in on their dog

Smart feeders

You no longer need to keep track of who fed the cat or dog. A smart feeder allots the right amount of food for your pet at the intervals you select, which is handy for pets on a weight management diet. All it takes is a connection to your smartphone, and you can create feeding schedules or deploy a meal from your phone. Some even integrate with Alexa so you can use voice commands.

The SureFeed Microchip Feeder is great for multi-pet households that have pets with special diets or prescriptions. The smart pet technology keeps pet food separate, working with either your pet’s microchip or an RFID tag, just like a smart pet door. With a sealed bowl, you can even feed your pet wet food—the lid keeps food moist and safe from pests.

Smart toys

Pets need to play to stay healthy, and smart devices can help keep them active and engaged. Unlike traditional toys, which pets can quickly get bored of, smart toys use a variety of methods to keep your pet entertained, such as reacting to your pet’s actions or allowing you to customize movement via app.

The PupPod Rocker is an interactive puzzle game toy for dogs and gets more difficult as your dog plays. This gadget for dogs is also designed with blind and deaf dogs in mind, and you can pair it with their Feeder to reward your pup with a treat when they successfully complete a puzzle.

Keep your cat entertained with the PetCube Play 2, which doubles as a pet camera. The built-in laser toy in this gadget for cats allows you to play with your pets remotely via app—just drag your finger across the screen of your smartphone to move the laser in your home. You can also set the laser to autoplay if you’re busy. The PetCube Play 2 is also Alexa-enabled, which allows you to order treats for your pet or turn on music or an audiobook for them while you’re out.

If your dog wears a smart collar, this pet tech can help you track them down

Smart gadgets for dogs and cats

Pet tech can help keep our pets safer and healthier, while offering us new ways to connect and play with them. When it comes to adding smart pet technology to our home, it’s important to keep in mind the bandwidth of your internet services. If you have a lot of smart devices in your home already, consider upgrading your internet to fiber, which can reliably handle a lot of devices while maintaining high speeds.

For more information about smart devices, check out our guides to smart home hubs, smart gardening, and much more under the Living with Technology section on our blog.

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