You’re likely already familiar with the term “smart home.” Smart home technology is usually marketed to homeowners specifically to help busy families save time during the day or to offer extra layers of protection homes. But what about apartment dwellers? If you happen to own an apartment building or rent an apartment, there is no shortage of excellent smart apartment technology that can be beneficial for your setup. Below, we’ll jump into what kind of smart apartment technology you might want to purchase or learn more about in order to create your own smart apartment.

You and your roommates can enjoy smart apartment technology at home

Smart apartment technology for your home

As any apartment dweller can tell you, making the most out of a limited amount of space is a balancing act. Depending on how large or small your apartment is, you may need to consider how many gadgets your new smart apartment can hold before it begins to look too cluttered. With that in mind, here are some of our top smart apartment technology recommendations:

  • WiFi – Just about every piece of smart apartment technology requires strong WiFi connectivity. If your apartment complex doesn’t have a WiFi provider already built into your utilities, consider looking for services in your area. Often, providers will offer bundles and packages that are perfect for students and apartment dwellers. Additionally, the more devices on a network, the more bandwidth is needed. You may also want to look into apartment buildings that are powered by fiber optic cables. Fiber is the latest in high-speed internet capability. With fiber internet, you can game, stream, and power your smart apartment with virtually no lag. Get a better understanding on what sort of bandwidth your smart apartment will need by visiting our helpful blog post on determining internet speed requirements.
  • Portable smart speakers – There are a number of smart speakers out on the market these days, in all shapes and sizes. Portable smart speakers are perfect for any smart apartment. With a smart speaker, you can take calls hands-free, play music, set timers, access information, and much more – all using voice prompts. Some smart speakers can even act as a smart home hub, allowing you to control the other devices in your smart apartment. Plus, it saves a lot of space. These speakers pack a lot of power and high-quality sound, so you can skip the multiple speakers.
  • Smart kitchen appliances – One area where you can be less mindful about space considerations when planning out your smart apartment technology is in the kitchen. You’ll probably need a microwave, so why not make it a smart microwave? There’s no shortage of options when it comes to making use of smart apartment technology in your kitchen. Figure out what tools would most benefit your cooking habits. It may be a smart coffee maker to wake you up to a fresh cup of joe. Or you can start dinner at exactly the right time with a smart air fryer. There are even countertop smart ovens that take on the role of other kitchen appliances like toasters and broilers.
  • Security – While everyone hopes their apartment will be safe from any theft or additional incidents, it doesn’t hurt to have your own security system for extra peace of mind. An indoor smart security camera can act as an extra set of eyes and extra assurance when you aren’t around.

Talk to your roommates about what kinds of smart apartment technology will work for your home

For entrance security, consider investing in a smart lock. Smart locks allow you to install a hands-free, keyless door lock. With a smart lock, you can secure and/or open your door using your phone. You may even be able to access it through your smart speaker. It’s a great tool if you use inside help, like dog walkers or a grocery delivery service. You can simply unlock the smart lock remotely and let in the delivery person so your groceries stay fresh.

  • TV streaming – If you’re on a budget and can’t afford cable or satellite, or you’d like to consolidate all of the streaming services you’re paying for monthly, consider streaming popular shows and programs through a TV streaming device. Many streaming devices are as small as flash drives and plug directly into your TV’s HDMI input. So you don’t have any extra wires to worry about. Streaming devices vary from brand to brand. Make sure to do some research ahead of time to find the right one for you.
  • Building amenities – If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment, asking a potential landlord about smart device capabilities in the whole building can also be useful. Smart home functionality beyond your apartment can make a huge difference. You may find you can control building entry through an app. Exercise rooms may also have smart device capabilities, allowing you to track workouts through a machine and your smartphone. If you know that creating a smart apartment experience is important to you, be sure to ask! You may be surprised by the advanced capabilities of apartments these days.

Creating your smart apartment can be a fun exercise. Whether you live alone or with roommates, all of our recommendations can help make you not only feel connected in your space but in the outside world as well. Have fun setting up your new space with smart apartment technology that can improve your daily routine. For more information on tech topics such as these, and others, be sure to visit the CenturyLink blog.

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