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Teleworking strategies for van living

by | Sep 16, 2020


Whether you are new to nomadic van living or you’re a seasoned pro at life on the road, figuring out how to stay productive and focused on work can be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of folks who have mastered the art of teleworking while living in a van, enjoying the freedom that comes with the experience. Explore some of our best tips when it comes to living life on the road while teleworking.

Create a budget

To create a sustainable lifestyle while living in a van, consider what your monthly budget will look like. Create a spreadsheet of all your anticipated expenses and create wiggle room for emergencies. A few questions to think about:

  • Are there areas in your current budget and spending habits that you can cut back on?
  • What are the necessities that help you with remote work currently and are these easily transferrable to van living?
  • Do you have enough savings in the event of an emergency with your vehicle or your work gear?

Man works remotely in front of a mountain scene in an RV

Acquire the correct working gear

Since most of your work on the road will be remote, consider what tools you’ll need to make work easy for you. Your laptop/computer, internet, and a source of electricity are three of the most important tools to invest in for teleworking.

It’s certainly possible to use your van to charge your electronics, but you won’t want to solely rely on this mode of electricity. Constantly using the battery of your van as the main source of electricity can drain one of the most crucial parts of helping you stay on the road, which is why we recommend investing in a second battery and solar panels. The second battery you install can use the energy from the alternator to help keep electronic devices charged and running. In the event you choose to stop at a scenic location and turn off your van, use the second battery as your main source of electricity. As a backup, you can also rely on a natural source of energy by using solar panels.

Plan for staying connected on the road

To work on the road successfully, you’ll need reliable internet. You might find yourself driving in the middle of nowhere, but that shouldn’t hinder your ability to get to work when necessary. We recommend investing in a plan with a provider that can offer you a strong 4G network anywhere in the country. If you have a plan connected to your cellphone, be sure to also have hotspot capabilities at your disposal in case you’re having trouble connecting with a nearby network.

For a more affordable option, consider looking into a prepaid SIM card, which can also offer an easy way of maintaining an internet connection on the road.

Of course, when you find yourself in a populated region, consider stopping by a local coffee shop, hotel lobby, or restaurant that offers free WiFi. A great way to find networks is to use your smartphone’s built-in scanner to see what is available nearby. Purchase a fresh cup of coffee or get a bite to eat at a local establishment so that you’re also contributing to the business while using their free services.

Man drinking a cup of coffee and working outside his camper van

Create a designated workspace

Since you’re confined to a limited area in your van, we also recommend creating a designated workspace. Working on the bed or in your sleeping area won’t give you the necessary separation you need from work and sleep, a crucial part of successful teleworking. Consider installing a folding table as far away as possible from your sleeping area and creating a small office aesthetic that will motivate you to stay focused and productive.

Finding ways to separate your work from your personal life is one of the great challenges that come with living in a van, but also one of the beauties of this lifestyle! Get inspiration from other nomadic bloggers and travelers you like and investigate what system and aesthetic is going to work best for you.

While working remotely may feel like a big feat at first, we hope these tips can help optimize your overall experience. With a little bit of planning, the tools you need to work, and a reliable internet connection, you can make your #vanlife adventure dream become a reality. For more recommendations and tips on topics such as these, be sure to check us out on Facebook.

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