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The rise of mindful digital wallpaper themes

by | Mar 8, 2021


In an increasingly virtual world, digital wallpaper themes are emerging as a way to personalize our digital spaces.

We are living in an age of unprecedented digital connectivity. The rise of high-speed internet opportunities, like fiber internet from CenturyLink, in addition to advancements in cellular technology and the proliferation of smartphones has placed digital technology in a central role in our lives. We are socializing and working remotely. We get together with our friends to play multiplayer games online. And we shop and get our news without leaving the comfort of our homes. Even senior citizens use social media to keep up with their friends and family. All this immersion into a digital landscape means we are spending more and more time in front of our screens.

A recent emerging trend is helping to personalize all those different screens a little bit more: mindful digital wallpaper themes. At its heart, these digital  themes are an attempt to cultivate thoughtful aesthetics across the different screens we use regularly. Some people take the movement to the extreme, adjusting everything from font size to display icons. However, most people rely mostly on premade wallpaper to set the tone they want. Think of digital wallpaper as the background image on your various screens. Most devices come with a wallpaper preprogrammed in the display. They may offer a limited number of other options to choose from. However, very often you have the ability to customize your wallpaper with other, external images. So how do you take full advantage of customization options to make your digital space truly your own?

You can customize your digital wallpaper to make your digital space your own

Digital wallpaper on different devices

The first step to carefully planning your digital wallpaper theme is to take stock of what devices you spend the most time using. You can find digital wallpaper online for pretty much any device with a screen. Do you spend a large portion of your day working in front of a computer? Are you an avid reader that is often on a tablet? What screens make up your daily routine? Before you can plot out wallpaper for your computer, phone, tablet, or gaming console, you’ll need to decide which devices you want to personalize.

Discover your wallpaper theme

One of the most enjoyable aspects of coordinating your digital space is picking out an aesthetic theme or themes for your wallpaper. There are tons of different styles to consider. So it’s important to find the right one for you. To get you started, we’ve assembled a few different digital wallpaper themes to explore. But don’t stop there! Spend some time researching online to find that perfect style.

  • Nature themes: Timeless and classic, there’s nothing quite like natural landscapes and images to connect us back to the wonders of our home planet. One of the best things about nature-themed digital wallpaper is you can take it just about any direction you want. Inspire awe with jagged granite mountain peaks. Get lost in the infinite possibilities of the night sky. Change with the seasons as you move from snowy forest scenes to sunny beaches throughout the year. Your options are almost limitless.
  • Design style themes: Perhaps you are drawn to a particular design aesthetic. Consider extending your love for bohemian, shabby chic, or industrial design to your digital wallpaper. Keep it simple with a minimalist style. Take a trip back in time with a mid-century modern look. You also can’t go wrong with a traditional wallpaper theme that focuses on classic details.
  • Mix and match themes: While it’s common to unify digital wallpaper themes across all your devices, think about how you might like to separate some devices from others. Maybe you want your work devices to have a sleeker, more professional look while your personal devices are a bit more fun and free-form. Consider separating out your devices by their uses. The laptop you use to play video games may look sharp in a gaming-themed computer wallpaper. The smart TV you use to enjoy movie night with the family would look great decked out in a cinema-themed digital wallpaper.

Digital wallpaper personalizes your smartphones, laptop, desktop, and tablet

No matter what sort of digital wallpaper theme you decide to go with, make sure it’s reflective of you as an individual. Again, you want to make the most of the digital spaces you inhabit.

Digital wallpaper and resolution

Once you have your digital wallpaper theme or themes picked out, the next step is to find the specific digital wallpaper that suits you best. There are a number of different free options out there, or you can use your own pictures. In order to make sure the digital wallpaper you want fits your phone, tablet, computer, or another device, you’ll need to find the correct resolution. Searching online for the resolution of your device is the easiest way to determine what kind of wallpaper will look the best. You should be able to easily find a measurement in pixels for your display, expressed in a manner like “1920 x 1080.” That measurement is an expression of how many pixels are in a given area of a screen. It will ensure the wallpaper you choose displays correctly.

Now you have the foundational steps, you’re ready to build a digital wallpaper theme that is all your own. Visit the CenturyLink blog for more tips and tricks on how to get the most from your devices.

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