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The top technology trends to watch for in 2022


Among 2021’s top technology trends, we saw improvements with 5G and fiber optic internet networks. Businesses incorporated artificial intelligence in their work operations and customer experiences. Health and safety initiatives around the world used the Internet of Things. There were gaming trends, new ways to protect your data on the internet, and wearable technology that monitors your sleep. Some of these technology trends are continuing to improve this year. Keep reading to explore CenturyLink’s list of the top technology trends to watch in 2022.

Man using the Metaverse

1. Virtual and augmented reality

The top trends in augmented and virtual reality are technologies that let us explore new worlds, interact with others across long distances, and increase productivity. Businesses, social networking platforms, and video games are topping the technology trends list for 2022. People now have more ways to immerse themselves in their tasks or activities. Virtual and augmented reality allows people to work, play, and interact with others like never before.


The Metaverse is a virtual world that is also a tech trend for 2022. This new world allows you to interact with family, friends, and colleagues in virtual spaces. You’ll feel as if you’re right next to them, even if they’re halfway across the country or around the world. Some social media platforms have welcomed the idea of the Metaverse, too. Recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta and is working on VR goggles, plus other ways users can virtually interact with their social media friends.

Hand touching a screen with the word Metaverse

Immersive workplaces

Small businesses have also incorporated VR and AI technology into their training and daily operations. Virtual reality is a technology trend that helps employees collaborate even when they’re working from home or from separate offices. Businesses can purchase VR and AI devices (like the ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses) for their interactive training modules. Experienced employees can use the multi-screen feature of the smart glasses to get multiple tasks done at once.

2. Smart homes

From advances in video doorbells and smart TVs to lighting systems and smart pet gadgets, innovative smart home technology can make your home more convenient for you and everyone in it. New devices that can help you have the ultimate smart home come on the market each year. You can expect to upgrade your smart home with the following innovations that made our technology trends 2022 list.

Robot assistant

If you use a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa to keep you productive during the day, you’ll eventually be able to purchase a physical robot assistant that uses those same voices. Just like some restaurants, stores, and hotels have used robots as greeters and waiters, you can have a personal robot assistant in your own home. An in-home robot assistant can remind you of chores you need to complete, alert you when there’s a possible fire, and hold conversations with you. Amazon is expected to release a robot assistant called The Amazon Astro. Like an Alexa on wheels, the Astro will have a video screen and be able to pair with Ring’s home security system.

Smart toilet

A technology trend you should watch for in 2022 is the smart toilet. Some will have a bidet that uses warm water and a heated air dryer to prevent overusing toilet paper. But the newest crop of smart toilets will connect to Wi-Fi and transfer data from the toilet’s system to your online account or mobile app. Toto introduced its concept for the Wellness Toilet at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. The Wellness Toilet is expected to make a health analysis and treatment recommendations for different users.

3. Blockchain technology

Blockchains, such as Bitcoin, have been around for a little more than a decade. Each year, there are more types of blockchains for sale and new ways to use them. A 2022 technology trend you can expect to rise is how people and businesses use blockchain technology.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of blockchain data that can be sold and traded online. NFTs come in the form of photos, GIFs, videos, audios, tweets, and virtual trading cards. They can be animated or real-life images. This type of blockchain is similar to physical art because for each unit, there’s only one original NFT and any others found online are copies of the original. In 2022, users are expected to treat NFTs like unique art pieces while sharing them on social media, using them as computer screensavers, and saving them as cell phone wallpaper.

Currency management for banks

You can expect more banks and financial institutions to use blockchains in 2022. This technology trend is more secure than the typical financial transaction. Banks can use blockchains to combat fraud and money laundering amongst users. Because blockchains have unique data, banks can use their unique codes to transfer funds faster from user to user. These special codes will simplify how banks manage financial records and international trades. Users can replace larger monetary transfers and loans with a single blockchain, allowing for easy, secure peer-to-peer auto and mortgage loans.

Other trends you should watch

While our technology trends 2022 list highlights VR and AI experiences, smart home technology, and new ways to use blockchains, there are more trends you should watch for this year. Visit the CenturyLink Discover blog to learn about past trends and explore the latest gaming trends for 2022. Use our blogs, tips, and recommended tools, to find other ways technology can impact your daily life.

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