Maintaining your technology and your cybersecurity is an important task in today’s digital world. You may already be taking all the necessary steps to keep yourself safe online, like following online security best practices and using strong passwords. However, practicing good cybersecurity doesn’t have to fall only on your shoulders. CenturyLink offers several online security and tech tools that can help you maintain and even improve your cybersecurity.

These tools offer tech support and help to prevent identity theft. They provide anti-virus protection and help you secure your smart home devices. There are also online security tools to help keep your children safe online. Let’s explore these five CenturyLink online security tools and how they can help you practice good cybersecurity.

Managing your passwords is an important aspect of online security.

1. Cyber Shield

Cyber Shield is a unique product available only to CenturyLink customers. This security suite includes three tools: Identity Guard, Privacy Secure and Virtual Private Network. Each tool works to protect your privacy, identity, and financial information.

Identity Guard and Privacy Secure both monitor the regular internet and the dark web. It searches for your sensitive information, like your social security number or bank account information. If any of your details are found to be used without your knowledge or consent, the tools will remove the information from the website.

These two tools also help protect you from third-party data collection and the sale of your personal data. They can even reduce the amount of junk mail and spam calls you receive. You’ll get alerts if suspicious transactions or other activity happens on your account.

Cyber Shield also includes a private virtual network, or VPN, to encrypt and protect your data as you browse online. And as a cherry on top, you get a $1 million identity theft insurance policy with your subscription

2. CenturyLink Security by McAfee

The use of a reputable anti-virus program is a must for online security. Because we take our customer security seriously, CenturyLink offers anti-virus software from McAfee. This cloud-based security program continually updates itself against existing and emerging threats, and keeps your devices protected with ongoing scans. All CenturyLink customers with high-speed internet can download this program for no additional cost. You can download McAfee on at least two devices (PC, Mac, Android, or iOS computers, phones and tablets).

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3. Secure WiFi

The Internet of Things is growing quickly, with more and more households installing smart devices. But many of these devices aren’t built with security in mind. And anything that connects to the internet can pose a threat to your personal data. Secure WiFi is a tool that protects all your connected devices right at your modem. It also provides other network and device management features. You can create device groups, pause devices and groups, and set parental controls. These features allow you to see all the devices connected to your network and disconnect any you don’t recognize.

4. Bark

Bark is an online security tool designed to keep kids safe as they use the internet. Designed with families in mind, Bark monitors your child’s apps, social media, texts and emails for any dangerous or risky content, including cyberbullying.

You can customize the filters and limits and receive automatic alerts via text or email. The service also offers tips for parents on how to talk to their kids about online dangers. And the best part? CenturyLink offers this program at a discount to our customers.

5. Personal TechPro (PTP)

When you need real tech support, Personal TechPro can help. You might need help connecting devices or setting them up. Maybe you need help automating your smart light setup. Personal TechPro can help with all your devices, including your connected smart home. The service offers unlimited tech support and live agent support. You can get help via telephone, chat, or self-help through the Pocket Geek Home app. Best of all, you can usually get help within just 30 seconds.

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Staying safe

As you enjoy life with technology, always keep your safety in mind. Consider using some of the CenturyLink online security tools described here. And remember to stay aware and be cautious in your online actions. For more on cybersecurity, check these recommended articles:

CenturyLink will never call a customer or email a customer asking for financial information, account login information, password, or social security number. CenturyLink will never ask you to download software or ask you to pay your bill via wire transfer or by online gift cards. If you suspect you may be the victim of a scam, hang up and call back official CenturyLink representatives to verify the call.

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