The internet makes it easy and accessible to experience places, events, and experiences that might otherwise be out of our reach due to distance. A virtual summer camp works the same way, providing opportunities for kids to get enriching summertime experiences from all over the world. With virtual summer camps, your kids can keep learning and growing all summer long.

To find the right summer camp for your child, it’s important to think about what their interests are. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top virtual summer camps according to common interests among children.

Virtual summer camps keep the whole family learning.

STEM online summer camps

Many children are interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Attending a  STEM virtual summer camp can help set them up for success, exploring a variety of disciplines.

Your children can learn how to code, build their own game, and animate at Boolean Girl’s virtual camps and classes. The classes are small, with less than six campers per class so your child will get plenty of one-on-one attention from their instructor.

Is your child into gaming? Id Tech Camps offer virtual summer camps in coding for Roblox and Minecraft mods. Your child could also learn how to code games through Javascript and P5.

Maybe your child wants to develop their own app or is interested in AI. Check out the Digital Media Academy for Students and their Computer Science + AI Adventures. The organization also offers classes for budding entrepreneurs.

A STEM virtual summer camp can help your child learn more about their interests.

A STEM virtual summer camp can help your child learn more about their interests.

Art online summer camp

For artistic children, virtual summer camps that focus on the arts, like painting, photography, theater, and music are enriching experiences. The classes are often small, so your little artist will get the attention they need to thrive. Others allow kids to explore and learn at their own pace.

Camp Wonderopolis offers a variety of virtual, free, and self-led virtual summer camps. The Symphony of Wonders camp covers the production and composition of music, as well as science and math, careers, health, and history, and culture to deliver a well-rounded camp experience. There are also fun and educational crafts your child can create to facilitate their learning.

Young thespians can go to an online summer camp for theater. The Varsity Tutors Theater Camp covers monologues, improv, musicals, behind-the-scenes work, and acting skills. The camp has 2-hour daily sessions of online instruction each day in addition to extra activities to keep the learning going.

Virtual art camps bring creativity to your home. Check out Art Camp 504 for a variety of summer art classes. All classes have a maximum of six students and meet for an hour a day. Afterward, kids can hang out during a social Zoom hangout. Kids can learn about a variety of topics, like digital drawing on iPads, how to paint with acrylics, and how to bring a story to life through comic book drawing.

Many virtual summer camps still offer fun arts and crafts and traditional experiences.

Many virtual summer camps still offer fun arts and crafts and traditional experiences.

Recreating traditional camp experiences

If your child is still figuring out their interests or wants to have a variety of experiences, you can recreate the traditional camp experience in a variety of ways. It might require a little more hands-on attention from you, but it can be a fun way for the whole family to experience a summer camp.

DIY your own camp experience for your children with this guide from National Geographic. You can go on nature hikes, make s’mores in a solar oven, and make ice cream in a plastic baggy with your kids.

Summer camp can come to you via crate. KiwiCo ships you a crate with five days of activity and discovery, enhanced by on-demand videos. KiwiCo offers three different tiers, so there is something for all age groups.

Virtual summer camps offer kids a way to learn and grow during the months when school isn’t in session. With an online summer camp, you can enhance their experience and get them excited about STEM, art, and other areas of interest. Because many of these activities take place online, be sure to make sure your kiddos get time to unplug, go outside, and play.

For more virtual experiences, check out the following:

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