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What is the digital workforce?

by | Oct 27, 2020

Whether you’ve responded to an automated call system or you use instant messaging in your own workplace, it’s very likely you’ve encountered the digital workforce. It’s a set of technologies that work alongside human employees to improve the modern workplace. It helps improve business operations, collaboration, employee productivity, and morale. 

With operations expanding on a larger scale and an increase in multi-generational workers, the digital workforce is an important contributor to the success of many businesses. As a whole, you can think of this workforce as a personalized system of platforms and environments that benefits daily company operations and helps people reach maximum productivity goals.

A digital workforce is often characterized by:

  • Quick turnarounds: Today’s technological world means operations are moving at faster speeds than we can keep up with. A digital workforce for a large company or business can help with cross-team communication efforts and allow teams to access enterprise tools to meet the demands of clients.
  • Streamlining work: Do you receive timely emails, invites, and video requests across various channels in your office? You can thank the digital workforce for that! Your company’s email choice, instant messaging, enterprise social media tools, and portals all help facilitate how you collaborate and streamline work.
  • Place and space: Long ago, it would have been impossible to work with teammates abroad without a digital workforce. Now people can build relationships across time zones and regions of the world without sacrificing productivity.
  • Education: The digital workforce allows employees to engage in self-learning, which helps them pursue personal goals and reach milestones. Employers can also help train, onboard, and document at larger scales than ever before with newer digital platforms.

The digital workforce helps improve business operations, collaboration, employee productivity, and morale

Who benefits from the digital workforce?

The quick answer: just about everyone hoping to expand their business and see an improvement in employee morale benefits from the modern workplace model. There are also several benefits for employees. Employees can be more selective in choosing a workplace, especially with an increase in remote work opportunities. In addition, going digital allows employees to enjoy more work flexibility. Whether that’s working from the comfort of their own home or having a more collaborative work environment, there is great appeal in the lifestyle that comes with the digital workforce.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. A better workflow: There is less friction when it comes to day-to-day tasks due to the increased opportunities for communication.

2. Employee flexibility: The 9-5 workday can be a schedule of the past. The digital workforce allows for more scheduling flexibility and collaborating across different time zones.

3. Helps with employee retention: An increase in employee engagement through more work flexibility can help retain good and dedicated employees.

4. Uses more collaboration tools: Newer communication tools allow for greater collaboration across various channels.

Moreover, if there is one recurring theme throughout the various types of digital workforces that exist, it’s that collaboration is key, regardless of the toolsets that are used. The ability for businesses to empower employees to communicate and connect with others within their own organizations and across various channels and platforms is imperative. The opportunity to gain insights from peers, newer technologies, and build culture and community are just a few of the key benefits of the digital workforce. As the scale of need increases for a burgeoning company, so do the technological needs and employee expectations. Fortunately, the evolution of the digital workforce can help meet them.

Simply put, the future is digital and so are our workplaces. Whether you have your own small or medium-sized business and are hoping to elevate your offerings, or you already work for a large company with a well-established digital workforce, there’s no denying that the pros outweigh the cons. Access useful information to help your workday fly by and find more meaningful ways to connect with colleagues as you explore the benefits of the digital workforce.

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