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Where to stream the college basketball tournament in 2021

by | Mar 3, 2021


Basketball is back in 2021, after the NCAA® college basketball tournament was canceled last year for the first time in over 80 years. With new seeding and the tournament taking place in just one location this year, things might look a bit different than in the past. If you’re a college basketball fan, you don’t want to miss any of the action this year. But if you don’t have cable, or don’t have the channels you need to watch the big tournament, you have options: the college basketball tournament will be streaming on multiple platforms. Here’s how to watch online in 2021.

Don’t miss any of the action—you can watch the college basketball tournament online.

The app

To start, you can download the tournament app. Not only can you stream all the games, but you can also play the bracket challenge. The app also sends push notifications to let you know results, including any games that have gone into overtime. The app can be downloaded on the Apple store or Google Play store and for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Xbox One.

The website

On the tournament website, you can log in using your TV provider to watch all the games online. You’ll need to know your login information for your TV provider (think Dish, DirectTV) in order to access the content and watch all the games live from your device.

You can stream the college basketball tournament and watch live sports from your laptop

Stream it

While cable and broadcast networks have dominated sports viewing for years, emerging platforms are now offering live sports. Consider the following options:

  • CBS will provide the coverage of the NCAA® basketball tournament on their platforms, including TBS, TNT, and TruTV. To get access to CBS’s coverage, you can also stream the games at CBS All Access. The platform offers a free seven-day trial, and can be streamed from your phone, laptop, tablet, or streaming device.
  • Hulu offers live sports, and you can try the platform out free for seven days. The streaming platform will play all the games live from both the men’s and women’s side of the tournament. They also offer a personalized experience, allowing you track and follow your favorite teams. Hulu will also recommend games they think you’ll want to see. Plus, you can get the Hulu app on your phone so you never miss a game, even on the go.
  • SlingTV offer live sports in addition to 30+ other channels, including the CBS channels that will be showing the college basketball tournament. You can try it free for three days, and use it on your favorite streaming device. And if you want to watch the game with friends remotely, you can host a Sling Watch Party and chat your way through all the incredible plays.

The CenturyLink TV recommendation tool

Need help choosing a streaming package to watch your favorite sports? With the large number of streaming services available, the options can be overwhelming. Our fun and easy TV recommendation tool can help you choose the TV services that best fit your needs — including sports. Pick channels that are important to you and let us suggest a package based on your choices.

If you’re streaming the college basketball tournament this year, don’t forget to fill out your bracket

Get bonus content

Can’t get enough college basketball? Get access to bonus content on the tournament website, including fully replays of past games and magical moments. They also explain how to fill out a bracket with Bracket IQ. You can also follow your favorite teams on social media to stay up-to-date throughout the process, or check out a podcast to get all the college basketball goodness you can handle.

Last words

Don’t miss any of the action – make sure your internet speeds are ready to support your streaming needs. You probably need a broadband internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 20 Mbps to avoid any annoying lags. You can also hardwire your connection and shut-off any smart devices, laptops, tablets, or other tech tools to help ensure maximum bandwidth and the best possible speeds.


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