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What is fiber and why is it the best fit for multifamily communities and homes?

by | Feb 2, 2021

Fiber internet is an advanced connection allowing households to stream, monitor, watch, game — or whatever they want to do in their smart-connected homes.  In any family with multiple users and a variety of devices, a lot of internet bandwidth is consumed. This is because smart devices are constantly surveilling, live streaming and uploading data through networks or to the cloud.

Fiber homes and multi-dwelling units (MDUs) can get an exceptional experience from their internet-connected security, thermostats, appliances, TVs and devices with fiber. Fiber internet offers virtually no lag, no interruptions, no waiting and no buffering. Households can wait less and do more with reliable fiber internet.

The future is brighter with fiber

High-quality internet access, like fiber, is essential in today’s digital economy and is a major consideration for residents and homeowners. Fiber is too advantageous not to include in all new MDU buildings going forward. Fiber is future-ready, fast and simple.

Did you know that by 2030, each person is expected to own 15 smart-connected devices? That adds up quickly for households. Many residents say they will not lease a place without high-speed internet access. While millennials are leaders in technology adoption, boomers are also heavy adopters. With a reliable and secure fiber connection, residents can stream, binge, work, shop and game, with plenty of bandwidth left over for whatever comes next.

Bandwidth consumption is rising rapidly. CenturyLink Fiber Internet is an excellent choice for long-term viability. It can meet the rising needs without replacement and has extra bandwidth for future services and applications. This means builders and property owners can save time, money and materials.

Multifamily fiber internet cables support increasing bandwidth and are easy to upgrade for builders and property owners

Fiber vs. cable

Not only is fiber cost-effective and labor-effective, but it’s also less intrusive than some other technologies. Fiber is simple. In the past, buildings using alternative technologies needed different kinds of cabling structures to deliver different kinds of services: a coaxial cable for video services, for example, and a copper telephone cable for telephone services. That’s not the case with fiber. With fiber, you can build one network instead of two. One reliable, single-mode glass fiber can take care of all services delivered to the home, which means builders can save time, money, and materials during deployment. Being less fragile and not susceptible to disruptions like other technologies, fiber is clearly an advanced technology.

The best bang for your fiber buck

CenturyLink ON™ delivers customized fiber or fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) technology solutions for apartments, MDUs and communities to provide future-ready internet, digital home phone and TV service to all residents, giving properties an edge over their competition.

For residents, there is no waiting and no hassle.  Each home or unit is pre-wired and the hardware is pre-installed.  With easy online signup and instant services, residents can access their WiFi the moment they move in.

Plus, CenturyLink ON™ solutions are unique, as CenturyLink develops tailored solutions for each property at any stage of development or completion. CenturyLink experts handle it all — the design, installation, billing, services and upgrades.

Multifamily fiber internet sets your property up for success with easy access for residents

Become a CenturyLink Connected Community

CenturyLink is committed to improving the lives of our customers by connecting them to the power of the digital world, and that’s why we’re investing in new internet broadband technology. Our efforts to deploy faster broadband speeds in big cities, as well as small towns, helps CenturyLink connect its customers to the things that matter most to them.

CenturyLink creates a unique end-to-end experience for every smart-community and smart home, or multi-dwelling building (MDU). Ready or starting to build? Our engineers and team can align with your construction plans and build phases. The CenturyLink account representative team invites you to discuss your property’s connection needs with us at any stage of development or completion. Get in touch with us today.

CenturyLink services and features are not available everywhere and may vary by multi-dwelling properties. Contact CenturyLink for details.

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