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Why small businesses need fiber internet

by | Mar 19, 2021


Does your small business need fiber internet?

  • Are you experiencing slow download or upload speeds?
  • Does the internet cut out during important tasks or meetings?
  • Does your team have downtime because the internet isn’t working?

If your business relies on the internet, a bad connection isn’t just frustrating; it can also impact your bottom line, your team’s productivity, and your daily operations. You might need more bandwidth, speed, and reliability to get the job done. That’s where a business fiber internet connection can make a big impact.

Fiber has better bandwidth

Depending on the number of employees you have using your business internet and the activities they do daily on the job, you could be running out of bandwidth, which in turn impacts internet speeds. While bandwidth and speed are often used synonymously, they aren’t exactly the same. Bandwidth refers to how much data can be passed through your connection, while speed refers to how fast that data can be moved. If huge amounts of data are trying to go through your connection (like when multiple users use multiple devices), your connection gets clogged, like a traffic jam on an interstate.

When it comes to your business, fiber internet can provide reliability, speed, and bandwidth


Some high bandwidth office activities and tasks include using Cloud-based solutions or backing up drives and files, watching videos or videoconferencing, or even streaming music while at work. You may have an office security system that runs on your WiFi or use tools like a smart TV or smart speakers. Those devices also eat up bandwidth.

With fiber internet, you can use multiple devices at once with minimal impact to your bandwidth capabilities. Your employees can stream educational videos, send and receive emails, and accomplish Cloud-based tasks without taxing your bandwidth, which keeps speeds high for everyone, improving efficiencies and day-to-day operations. With fiber, there’s no need for internet-caused downtime – your entire team can keep working, improving productivity.

Fiber internet is faster

So now that we’ve talked about bandwidth, let’s talk about speed. Businesses often use applications and tools that require downloads (receiving emails and files, watching videos, loading websites, streaming music) and uploads (sending emails and files, videoconferencing, backing up files to the Cloud). Both download and upload speeds can affect how efficiently you work, but slow upload speeds can really impact your business. We’ve all been left waiting for files to upload, had to wait through lengthy point-of-sale transactions, or experienced difficulties when our connection impacts an important videoconference.

Business fiber internet has symmetrical upload and download speeds. That means you can upload and download huge files in a fraction of the time compared to copper internet. You can perform work tasks like updating the company website, running a videoconference, sharing files online, and backing up files to the Cloud at the same time. Fiber internet allows you to do the work that’s important to you faster.

Small business fiber internet from CenturyLink can improve efficiencies, connectivity, and productivity.

Fiber internet is more reliable

When you have an important meeting, are presenting at a webinar, or need your point-of-sale system to work during Black Friday, you need business internet that is reliable. Because copper cables transmit data electronically, they are vulnerable to electronic interference, like a lightning storm or power surge. Copper cabling is also susceptible to breakages due to repeated stress from bending. That can lead to loss of signal and connection failures – something you definitely don’t want to happen during an important transaction or business presentation.

In contrast, fiber optic technology uses super-thin, glass or plastic fibers and light to transmit data. With fiber optic cables, your internet connection is less susceptible to electronic interference or other conditions than copper is, which results in a more stable connection for your business. Fiber optic cables can also transmit signals faster and farther than copper cables without degrading. Business fiber internet is there for you when you need it.

Fiber internet for small businesses

With business fiber internet, small business owners can improve efficiencies, productivity, and connectivity. With less downtime, faster speeds, and a reliable connection, you can get work done better and faster with business fiber internet. CenturyLink is proud to offer fiber internet for small businesses. Check to see if CenturyLink Fiber Internet is available near you.

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