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Best apps for college students

by | Aug 11, 2022


Between internships, labs, group projects, and late-night study sessions, finding spare time in your college schedule is rare. Being a new adult can be intimidating. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help you maximize your time, budget, and study habits. Start the semester off on the right foot with the perfect mobile apps for your lifestyle. These are our top choices for the best apps for college students.

Best apps for college students

Many of the apps on this list offer free trials for students. But once the trial runs out, you may have to subscribe or upgrade to keep using your favorite tools. Make sure to keep an eye on your subscription fees.


College students in class

With Trello, it’s easy to stay on top of projects and assignments. The app was built for co-working, which makes it a great tool for group projects, as well as individual progress tracking. You can view Trello both on your laptop and on your phone. Trello offers a free version, but you can upgrade your plan to unlock more features. The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to change the status of your tasks from “doing” to “done.” You (and your classmates) will always be on track for graduation.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez describes itself as “the best choice for any student.” And their all-encompassing features are definitely a plus for students. You can view your daily schedule all at once, and real time mode shows you only what’s coming up soon. Assignments and tasks are sorted by date, task, and priority. There’s also a GPA calculator so you can keep track of your grades yourself. While there isn’t a free version of iStudiez, the monthly subscription fee is less than a cup of coffee, at under $2.


College student wearing a mask

Sometimes spellcheck isn’t enough. That’s where Grammarly comes in. You can download the app or use the browser extension, so it’s with you whether you’re drafting an essay or an email. The free version of the app includes spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but if you want features like word choice and tone, you can upgrade to their premium or business plans.


When it comes to being successful as a college student, mental health is just as important as productivity. Headspace offers traditional guided meditations, as well as informative articles, sleepcasts, breathing exercises, yoga sessions, and inspirational stories. The free version comes with plenty of great tools, but if you struggle with insomnia or anxiety, it might be worth paying for the upgrade to get the benefits of all the features.


Use apps to stay on top of your college assignments

Although many students used Quizlet in high school, it can also be a great tool to take with you to college. Quizlet is a flashcard app that integrates smart study tools to help you learn key terms and concepts for any subject. You can share your flashcards with classmates, and professors can use Quizlet for in-class games and study sessions. Their website claims that 90% of students who used Quizlet reported higher grades.


If you’re navigating adult life for the first time, learning how to budget is a huge part of growing up. That’s where Mint comes in. Mint helps you keep track of your finances, in college and beyond. You can link all your accounts to view your credit cards and savings, set budgets, and track your upcoming bills in one place. Learning financial literacy in college sets you up for success in the future.

Find out if your college has an app

Many colleges and universities have developed helpful mobile apps where students can find campus maps, event schedules, weather updates, and academic calendars. The Texas State mobile app is a great example, as it also features computer lab availability, course schedules, and billing. Find out if your college has an app that can help optimize and personalize your student experience.

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