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Sending a thank you message in the digital age

by | Dec 23, 2020

The rise of social media and digital communications means we’ve become more high-tech and less high-touch. As we communicate with people across differing time zones, states, and countries, we have the advantage of staying in contact but aren’t always able to spend time in person and show our gratitude and appreciation face-to-face.

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Expressing gratitude through a thank you message is a wonderful way to let someone know that their presence in your life makes things a little easier. Or, perhaps you’ve just hosted an event and would like a creative and convenient way to express your gratitude for someone’s support. We’ll share some tips on how to write a thank you email and how to make your own beautiful creation for a customized thank you message.

How to write a good thank you note

Knowing where to start in order to express your gratitude can be tough. Follow some of these recommendations to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Start with an appropriate greeting

If this is a formal thank you letter to an employer, make sure you have the appropriate spelling of their name and know whether or not you should use a title to address them such as Mr., Miss, Mrs., etc. Consider beginning with something like this:

Dear [Title Name],

For something a little less formal, consider:

Hi [Name],

To my good friend [Name],

2. Express your gratitude early on

After addressing the person, let them know you’re grateful at the beginning of your thank you message. For example:

– Thank you so much for taking some time to speak with me last week.

– I wanted to take a moment to express how grateful I am for our meeting.

– Thank you for being in my corner.

3. Specify what they mean to you

Be clear about what you’re grateful for. If they gave you a gift, tell them how you might plan to use it or why it will come in handy. If you had an opportunity to catch up or learn about something in particular, tell them what you enjoyed about it. A couple of ways of saying this might be:

– Your gift card will come in handy for morning coffee runs.

– I learned a lot from our discussion about what the company has been doing for remote employees.

– Spending quality time with you was such a treat.

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4. Show what you are looking forward to

Let the person know what’s to come. After expressing your specific thanks, you may want to express how much you look forward to connecting again in the future. For example:

–I’m really looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

–I hope we can continue our conversation about supporting employees.

–I can’t wait to see you again!

5. Sign off in a meaningful way

Restate your thanks in other words. Is there anything else you feel you might be leaving out? Make it short and sweet:

– I can’t tell you how much this meant to me, thanks again.

– Thanks again!

– Again, thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

How to customize your thank you message

If you’re hoping to make your thank you note more personal, consider using a creative platform to customize how you say thanks. You don’t necessarily have to write an email or send your thank you via a text message. Save yourself the postage and simply create your own thank you message with an external platform.

Consider using a tool such as Canva or another free creative design platform you’re comfortable with to design a virtual thank you card. Several platforms already have customized designs that you can pick from depending on the occasion. Perhaps you’d like to send a digital thank you note to the folks who attended a recent party you hosted, or you’d like to send your gratitude for gifts you received over the holidays. Get started by:

  • Select a color scheme and font theme. Digital thank you cards can boast all of the colors and vibes you’re hoping to channel. Play with color wheels, schemes, and mix and match fonts to make your thank you card as playful or as clean as you’d like.
  • Write your thank you note in a separate document before inserting it into your template. Type up your message in a clean doc to help catch any misspellings or errors ahead of time. Many word processing tools can help you catch any mistakes before you copy and paste them into your template.Consider inserting some photos if you’re writing a thank you card for an event. Simply save an image file to your computer and then insert it into the front or back of your thank you card.
  • Create a downloadable version of your thank you card. Once you’re finished with your creation, download it and send! Save your creation to your computer for future use, especially if it’s generic. Then next time around, you can simply change the name of the person it’s addressed to, and any other specifics, to save time.

There are several benefits to sending a digital thank you message. Not only are you saving paper and postage, but you can also save money through free online platforms that help you create a beautiful card. Plus, it might even help you save time if you can’t get to the post office soon enough! In addition, you’re still able to make a printable version if you’d like to send your message to folks who aren’t as technologically savvy. Going the digital route might be an enjoyable surprise as you let your creative side take the wheel.

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