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4 best dash cams for summer road trips

by | Aug 2, 2023


If you’ve ever been in a car accident or had your car broken into, you probably wish you’d had a dash cam. Dash cams are an invaluable accessory for your car because they can limit your liability in accidents and catch bad drivers in the act. If you drive a company car or work for a ride-share service, having video proof of your role in an accident is crucial. For those going on road trips this summer, a dash cam will act as your second pair of eyes along the way.

You might be wondering which dash cam is right for you, your business, or your family. In this article, we’ll discuss four of the best dash cams on the market today.

Dash cams

Benefits of having a dash cam

There are plenty of benefits to installing a dash cam in your vehicle. Having a dash cam can help you save on your insurance premium. Some insurance companies provide safe driver discounts if you have a dash cam. It’s not always clear who caused an accident. Having video footage of an incident can help law enforcement and your insurance company see who was at fault, which may expedite your insurance claim.

A dashcam can also be used as evidence to challenge a traffic or parking violation. You could even help a stranger by turning over dashcam footage to the police if you witness an incident involving other drivers. For example, if the guilty party in a fender bender flees the scene, your dash cam might catch their license plate and help bring them to justice!

Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

Garmin’s compact dual-lens dash camera features two 180-degree lenses to provide complete coverage around the driver—day or night. Garmin exclusive night vision featuring NightGlo™ technology allows clear video recording of all passenger activity inside the vehicle at night. The extra-wide 180-degree field of view inside the car provides full visibility, even through side windows. The Dash Cam Tandem responds to voice commands, so you’ll never need to take your hands off the wheel.

Cobra SC 200D

The Cobra SC 200D was designed to offer state-of-the-art protection against anything the road throws at you. With built-in WiFi and GPS, heads-up navigation, and voice commands, you can capture everything that happens in or around your vehicle. Cobra claims they are the only dash cams that can display upcoming speed traps from a sensor-based network more accurate than the leading crowd-sourced app. You’ll get notifications of red-light camera locations, speed traps, and more.

Dash cams

Cobra Road Scout

Engineered with long-range radar detection sensors and advanced false alert filtering, the Cobra Road Scout driver alert system delivers the right alerts at the right time. This dash cam also has built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi for maximum performance. You can even share and receive real-time driver alerts from the Cobra driving community. The adjustable G-sensor automatically locks the recording in the event of an impact, and the video is optimized to clearly capture details in both day and night recordings.

Thinkware Q800 Pro

Thanks to Thinkware’s exclusive advanced video clear technology, which helps reduce noise and enhance the image quality of the recordings, Super Night Vision 2.0 can help capture license plates even in low-light conditions. You’ll be alerted of potential forward collisions, lane departures, and front vehicle departures. The cloud functionality lets you check your vehicle’s location and receive notifications directly on your smartphone with the Thinkware Cloud mobile app.

Person driving a car with a dash cam

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