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How to stream live news

by | Nov 3, 2021


If you’re considering cutting the cord, don’t let your favorite news programming hold you back. Streaming services like Hulu and DirecTV Stream allow you to stream entertainment, sports, and other video content over the internet without cable. Many of these services also provide online news streaming from local, national and international networks. Using your smartphone, laptop or smart TV, you can stay up to date with all of your favorite channels when you start streaming. Although there are other options to access local news, like using an antenna, you can access streaming services immediately without purchasing or setting up any new devices.

A man streams news on his smart TV.

Online news streaming options

Most popular streaming services allow you to watch your favorite national news programs. To stream live national news, subscribe to your streaming service of choice, like Hulu Live or YouTube TV. Once you’ve logged into your account, you can search for any news channel and start streaming live news on your devices. Streaming services allow you to stream live news as it’s broadcast, but some services also provide video on demand. You can watch recently broadcasted news at your own convenience.

If you currently have cable but want to stream news away from home, you can often stream live broadcasts on a news channel’s website. Channels like MSNBC offer live streams online using login information for qualifying cable or satellite television providers.

Local news streaming

Many of the same streaming services you use to watch national news also offer live local news. DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live, YouTube TV and Sling TV all provide local news. Streaming services that offer local news typically cover all local channels, but you should verify they provide coverage for your area before signing up.

A woman browses through online news videos.

Streaming world news

If you’re interested in watching international news, you can access live news streams from other countries online. Most major international news organizations offer live streams, including a stream in English. You can stream these news broadcasts on your computer, mobile device or using streaming devices. BBC News, Sky News International and Al Jazeera offer international coverage and have iOS and Android apps in addition to their websites.

Other options

Streaming isn’t your only option for staying up to date with news if you want to cut cable. Using an antenna provides a free option for watching local news. An over-the-air (OTA) antenna allows you to view local news channels like NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS for free. There are hundreds of antennas to choose from, including ones you can install yourself. Keep in mind that indoor antennas are recommended for people who live in cities or suburbs and outdoor antennas are best for rural areas.

To stream news without subscribing to a streaming service, try free stand-alone apps like CBS News or Weather Nation for local weather updates.

A woman uses her laptop to stream news online.

Making the choice

Cutting the cord can help you save money and streaming services give you 24/7 access even when you’re not at home. When it comes to watching live news, streaming services make it just as easy as switching to your favorite cable news station. Whether you subscribe to a large streaming service or choose to stream free, online news, you won’t miss out by canceling cable. Compare streaming TV options to find the best choice for you to start streaming online news.

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